About Us

Trickett interiors ltd is a Project Management company specializing in commercial contracting and construction. We work with our client’s right from the start of their project in developing preliminary construction budgets, and coordinating city and design requirements.  Once construction drawings are completed and permits are achieved, we produce finalized quotations along with coordinating the tendering of trades to ensure that the project meets initial budgets and completion timelines. We feel it’s important to build relationships with our clients based on transparency, trust and partnerships with everyone involved including the design team, the architect and engineering professionals and the trades on site.


Trickett interiors 08 Ltd grew from a local business, Trickett interiors Ltd, that was established in 1986. Trickett Interiors Ltd was founded by W. Lonn Trickett, a university of Manitoba graduate of the Interior Design program. The business model was to provide the client with both design and construction expertise to achieve the clients vision while controlling the cost of construction. this concept allowed Trickett Interiors Ltd to work across Canada for companies such as The king Optical Group, Ben Moss Jewellers, and Wolseley Canada to name a few.

In 2002, Oliver and Matt joined Trickett Interiors Ltd and quickly learned the importance of the designer/contractor relationship, the maintaining of budgets, and meeting the delivery dates.

In 2008 Trickett Interiors 08 Ltd was formed with the goal of keeping these concepts and vision alive. Since its inception, Trickett Interiors 08 Ltd has grown and expanded on its traditional strengths to become a better construction company.